Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ridonkulous... These are the Tales, the Groupie Tales...


Back in the day (when I was employed) I spent a lot of my downtime perusing the internet. One of the favorite pastimes of my coworker T1 and I was reading gossip sites. We frequented sites like Oh No They Didn't, The YBF and Media Takeout constantly. But one of our most favorite sites was Tales from a Groupie, a site where slut-whores the world over would send in stories of their encounters with famous men (and women).

Now anyone who knows me, knows that I am Lupe Fiasco's #1 fan and have had multiple encounters with him. But none of them have been of a sexual nature (eeewww, gross). I am a FAN, not a groupie. Let's not EVER get that twisted.

But I digress... Being the elitist that I am, who just so happens to also be a huge fan of a pretty famous rapper, I am often witness to the desperate measures people will sink to in order to meet and/or spend time with them. Because I am an ANONYMOUS elitist, I really do try my best not to judge (Lord knows I am no saint) but sometimes I just cannot hold my tongue.

Since I no longer have a job, I have lots and lots of downtime these days. And aside from applying for new jobs and going on interviews, I spend my time doing basically the same thing I did at work; perusing the internet reading the same sites.

Today, I decided to check out Tales from a Groupie. The last time I read it, I was traumatized because of a groupie encounter with a certain football player who happens to be one of my favorites. But, it's been a few weeks and I was finally ready to get back on that horse and start reading the alluring anecdotes (which may, or may not be fiction) once more.

Now I'm not expecting anyone who would go all the way with someone within the first hours of meeting them just because they're famous to have Pulitzer Prize level writing skills, but dizzamn... I expect them to AT LEAST be able to handle a simple declarative sentence.

After skimming through tales of groupie love with Buddha (from I love NY), DMX, Lamman Rucker and Talib Kweli, I stumbled upon a story about Plies. I figured it would be pretty interesting, seeing as how sexually explicit his songs are. I figured it would be a good read (and a good laugh). I should've stopped reading it at the first sign of trouble, which was the sentence where our narrator, Ashly, wrote this:

So later on that day it was 10;30pm & i had just got out the shower getting ready to go to sleep untill my phone went off & as i looked at the number It said plies & omg i got the screaming like somebody was killing me so i had picked up & we was talking for like 10 minutes & he had ask me if i can come & since he's older then me he was like or is past your bed time so i laugh & said yea i can come over so i was like i be there in like a hour & outta no where he said naw i dont want you to drive you to pretty for that i'll have one of my homies come pick you up.

Talk about writing how you talk! Geez! This is thee worst run-on, incomprehensible sentence that I've read in a while. I didn't think it could get any worse than that until this:

So 30 minutes later his homie pulled up & as i was getting in plies was on the webcam *lol* looking so cute on the laptop screen so we start talking throu webcams untill i got there & when i finally got there he open the door in his pj's which is nothing but his b-ball shorts & some ankle socks so he told me to come in as he closed the door & walked me into the living room & omg the way he had it set up omg it was so pretty so we sat down & started talking & next thing i know he start kissing me from my hand to my neck so softly.

Paltry punctuation. Ghastly grammar. Shoddy spelling. But wait... It gets worse... :

when we got done it was 7;43am & we both looked at our phones & saw we had made missed phone calls & he was like that was amazing & we took a shower together & after that we stayed in touch i became his girlfriend & on mondays when he not busy me & him & he's son go out to eat & catch a movie or something & since we been together his sex got better

Wow... I skipped over the gory details (this is a family blog) but I'm sure you get the gist. This girl has to either be a) a fourth grader, 2) mentally retarded, or d) dumber than a box of rocks. She really should look into taking a couple of remedial English classes at her local community college. If you're going to be slutting it up with rappers and sending your stories in for the world to read, you should at least make sure that they're well-written.

I believe the children are our future... And the future looks dim...

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